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2020-05-28 11:36 pm
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2011-03-20 12:13 pm
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Happy Happy!

It's hard to believe but today my eljay is TEN YEARS OLD.

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this is nearly 1/3 of my life wrapped up in a nice digital handbag, and despite a slowdown in posting, I don't think it'll stop soon. It started in California, followed me to Ohio, jaunted back to Minnesota and is still hanging with me in PA.

so happy blog-o-versery dear ol' eljay of mine, we groove together so well!

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and to all of my readers of long term and short:
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(ps sorry for the GIF spammage but it's 10 years! it's longer than anyone can be president! slightly bigger than a small child! and after digging through some old XF stuff, I've discovered I've been in fandom for at least 15 years, whoa!)